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Tame your Tupperware Cupboard

So many containers with lonely lids. What to do? It’s easy to tame your Tupperware cupboard when you follow these easy steps.

  1. Empty the cupboard and group like with like.
  2. Match containers to lids and identify what you need to keep or you’re prepared to part with.
  3. It’s amazing how many containers I didn’t actually need and how many lids didn’t have bottoms!
  4. Group like-sized containers together. I keep containers that are used for storing groceries and left-overs in one space and the smaller ones for lunch boxes and small fridge storage in another space.
  5. Keep lids separately. I divide between small and large. I know many people store their tupperware containers with the lids on, but I just find that it takes to much space. This way makes better use of the shelf space available.
  6. Large storage containers and other plastic ware are kept on the bottom shelf and stacked. Everything is labeled on the shelves so that everyone knows where items go when repacking after use.

Click here for a full outline of how to organise your Tupperware cupboard.




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