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About Us

Who or What is Neat Freak?

We like to be organised and we think you might like it too.
We want our customers to have access to products that will organise their space and their life.
We recycle as much as we can (so don’t be caught off guard when you receive your order in a recycled box).
We love our customers and we’ll literally do the splits if they ask us to.
And…last but not least.. we¬†just love what we do!


The Team

Isabelle de Grandpre

Neat Freak was founded in 2008 by Isabelle de Grandpre. Fondly referred to as the quirky Head Chiquita, Isabelle is a time-saver, space-saver and all-round life-saver!

As CEO of Neat Freak, Isabelle is kept busy with sourcing and creating new products, marketing and writing blogs and ebooks. Catch her if you can because this chiquita is very rarely not thinking ahead.



Louise Joubert

Whatever you need done, Louise is the go-to person at Neat Freak. Although she is in charge of sales, she also runs around for the Head Chiquita.. so she needs loads of energy (which she has in spades).

When she isn’t being neat, Louise is usually found with an animal (or 10) or at the gym. She’s super strong so we recommend you don’t mess with her.


Debbie Porter

If you’re having a bad day, you want to be hanging out with Debbie. And that is why Debbie works in operations, making sure that orders are delivered on time and customers are happy.

Debbie is a networker of note and is always helping others when she isn’t packing boxes for our customers.



Leonard Mzenda

Leonard has worked for Isabelle for many years as a jack of all trades but is now working full time in the operations department. He is our master-packer and is an invaluable asset to our team, working closely with Debbie to get orders out faster.

There isn’t much Leonard won’t do when he isn’t at the office. The father of one is also a gym fanatic and is helpful and kind to everyone he meets.