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The Neat Freak Group is a leader in providing individuals with the tools they need to lead more efficient and organised lives. It is our belief, that by offering our clients a turn-key solution to getting organised, they will benefit by having more time to do the things they love with the people they care about.

Our services include online courses and eBooks, products and now, our Neat Freak database of service providers.

The Team

Isabelle de Grandpre

Neat Freak was founded in 2008 by Isabelle de Grandpre. Fondly referred to as the quirky Head Chiquita, Isabelle is a time-saver, space-saver and all-round life-saver!

As CEO of the Neat Freak Group, Isabelle is kept busy with sourcing and creating new products, consulting and as a trained journalist, she loves to write useful pack for her followers.

You can contact Isabelle via email 



Robyne Dray

As the Neat Freak Group’s Administrator, Robyne is the go-to lady if you want something done!

As the Administrator, Robyne deals with the product dispatch, acts as Isabelle’s PA and is at the forefront of client and supplier liaison.

You can contact Robyne directly on 031-7660096 or via email 


Jennifer Machin

Jen is the Bookkeeper extraordinaire at Neat Freak Group. She appears magically on our doorstep when we need her and does a sterling job of keeping our financials in tip-top shape in conjunction with our accountants.

You can contact Jen via email at


Leonard Mzenda

Leonard has worked for Isabelle for many years as a jack of all trades but recently started helping out at Neat Freak. He is a fast learner and is now working closely in dispatch with Robyne which is helping the team get orders out faster.




Two days ago I ordered magnetic sheets with the instruction to please deliver as soon as possible as I needed the sheets urgently. I was expecting good service and a relatively fast turn around time as I have ordered from you before and was very happy with the service received, but I was absolutely gobsmacked when the courier arrived today with my package! I could not believe that you had organized delivery this fast! Thank you so much for the efficient manner in which you handled my order…
Taborra Bergh

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