About the Shirt off your Back initiative

Started by Neat Freak’s CEO, Isabelle de Grandpre, in memory of her late father Pierre Robert, the Shirt Off Your Back Initiative (SOYB) seeks to collect pre-loved clothing for distribution to the Highway Hospice and the Open Door Crisis Centre (based in KZN). This initiative runs throughout the month of May every year.

As Neat Freak encourages its clients to de-clutter their lives and belongings, the SOYB Initiative is a way for people to do this and help others at the same time.

“Giving the shirt off your back is a saying that intimates that you are so generous to the point of being selfless. While we don’t propose that you give all your belongings away and keep nothing, we’re hoping that this initiative will highlight that many of us have so much and that de-cluttering and donating your pre-loved clothing might actually ‘put a shirt on someone’s back’!” says Isabelle.

The SOYB campaign also strives to highlight the extremely worthwhile work that each charity does. The Open Door Crisis Centre is a holistic, multifaceted one-stop crisis and trauma centre offering counselling, social services and support groups to people in KZN. The Highway Hospice evolves from the vision that every person with a terminal illness deserves quality, meaningful life during the time that is left to him or her.

“My father was a generous and supportive man who was taken from us a month after his cancer diagnosis. As a family we understand the need to get support from others. The Open Door Crisis Centre and the Hospice are so supportive of their community through their various programmes and we are proud to continue our association with them.”

Both charities will be distributing the clothing to the community via various projects as well as selling it to raise funds for their programmes.

You can donate your pre-loved clothing at The Highway Hospice, The Open Door Crisis Centre, and at Neat Freak, who are based in Waterfall. (See other drop-off points currently available in our sidebar.)

If your school or office would like to get on board please call Isabelle on 082-673-9740, email her info@neatfreak.co.za or go to the Neat Freak website for the most up to date information https://neatfreak.co.za/shirt-back-initiative/



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