Frequently Asked Questions

I need to make payment. What are your banking details?

If you have chosen to pay for your order via EFT or your credit card payment has not successfully processed, make payments into our bank account and email your POP to us.

Our details are:

Neat Freak CC, First National Bank, Acc 62426579259, Westville Branch (223526)

How will I know if my order has been received and is being processed?

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an Order Confirmation notification. If you are meant to pay via EFT, our banking details will be on this order confirmation.

Any details regarding your order i.e. progress report or status, will be communicated with you via our customer message system. However if you need to speak to anyone, you are most welcome to call our office and speak to Kelly or Isabelle. Our office number is 031-7660096.

Can I become a reseller of your products?

We are no longer selling through resellers.

If you own a shop you can register to become a wholesale buyer. Register here:

If you have any queries, you can contact Isabelle de Grandpre at

How do I pay with SnapScan or Zapper


SnapScan is a mobile app that can be downloaded onto your smart phone or tablet so that you can make remote payments to vendors.

To pay, open the SnapScan app, tap on “Scan” and scan the SnapCode displayed at the shop. This identifies the shop and prompts you to enter the amount you wish to pay. Enter your PIN to secure and complete the transaction. The merchant (Neat Freak) receives an SMS containing a confirmation of payment from SnapScan.

The SnapScan App is available to download from the Apple Store and Google Play.



As with SnapScan, Zapper is another mobile app that makes payments and e-commerce quick, simple and secure. It can be downloaded onto your smartphone very easily.

Once you have installed Zapper on your smartphone/tablet and you are now ready to pay, you will see a unique QR code at checkout that you will need to scan. Scan it in the Zapper App, confirm the amount to be paid and your payment will be received by us.

Your payment card details are stored on your phone using secure encryption. Whether you’re paying for a meal in a restaurant, a bill at home or paying for a taxi, the experience is the same. Quick. Simple. Secure.

The Zapper App is available to download from the Apple Store, Google Play and Windows.

See more about how to download and activate the app for Android and for IOS.

How long does delivery take?

Please see a detailed outline of our delivery details. Click here.

Can I purchase online consults/courses if I live outside of South Africa?

Yes you most definitely can! The beauty of cyber-space allows us to communicate with clients throughout the world. You simply choose the currency at the top left corner of the site, go to the consult/online course and place it in your basket. Once the payment is processed, your consult will be scheduled or your course will be made available.

Do you accept returns?

Items can be returned at your cost within 14 days of your order.

We regret that refunds are not given – you will receive a credit towards something else.

Do you ship internationally?

At present we only ship around South Africa. If you would like to purchase our products, you are welcome to send us an enquiry to and we could quote you for the items you would like.

Do you wholesale your products?

Yes Neat Freak does wholesale its products to approved buyers. There is no minimum order quantity for items however a minimum order total of R2000 excl VAT applies.
A flat delivery fee of R140 also applies.

If you are interested in becoming a stockist of our products, please complete the Wholesaler Registration form.

Once approved, you will be able to login and view the products with the wholesale pricing on the online shop.

How can I get a quote for a declutter session?

Neat Freak is no longer consulting with clients as our focus is now entirely on our product offering. However there are so many awesome organisers in the country.

Please view the Professionally Organised Directory to find an organiser in your area or email and they will try to refer you to someone who is available.

I live outside of Durban and need a professional organiser?

Neat Freak is no longer consulting with clients as our focus is now entirely on our product offering. However there are so many awesome organisers in the country.

Please view the Professionally Organised Directory to find an organiser in your area or email and they will try to refer you to someone who is available.

Is Neat Freak 3D secure?

Absolutely! Neat Freak takes your online safety very seriously. Our e-commerce site makes use of PayFast as well as VCS merchant services, both of whom are 3D secure. Please see their statements below:


3D Secure is an extra layer of security in using your credit card for online transactions. For online transactions over R1000 you’ll be asked to enter your 3D Secure password (different from the PIN), which is called Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode by the respective credit card companies.

You have to register for 3D Secure with your card issuing bank, and can be set up either as a password of your choice or a one-time-password that will be sent to you by email/SMS. If you haven’t registered for this, see your bank manager or do so on your online banking platform.

Click here to view PayFast 3D secure outline.



3 Domain Security – is a new method of security mandated by the Card Associations to enhance the security of online transactions. Mastercard’s product is called “SecureCode” and Visa’s product is called “Verified by Visa”.

The 3D-Secure refers to three domains involved in the security, they are:

  • the Acquiring or Merchant’s bank
  • the Card Association’s financial networks ie Mastercard and Visa
  • the Issuing or Cardholder’s bank.

Very simply the system authenticates the cardholder before the transaction takes place by diverting the browser to the bank that issued the card, who then request some secret, perhaps a pin, from their cardholder that will conclusively prove that this actually is the cardholder entitled to use this card. Once they are satisfied that this is their cardholder they issue an authentication receipt which is then presented to the merchants bank along with the authorisation request. If the transaction is then approved by the issuing bank they may not charge the transaction back to the merchant because the cardholder disputes the transaction as not being originated by them.
Virtual Card Services is compliant and in fact was the first South African payment gateway to be certified by both Mastercard and Visa for 3D-Secure transactions through First National Bank, Standard Bank and ABSA.

3D Secure Helpdesks:


0861 201 311


(011) 710-4332


(011) 369-2999


(012) 317-3344

What is your shipping charge?

The Neat Freak shipping charge is free via courier for all orders over R795.

Orders below R795 are charged as follows:

Durban (central): R58 excl Vat

National: from R88 excl Vat (this is the base rate) HOWEVER this is restricted to main centres so if you live in on a farm or in a rural area that is not on our courier’s ‘roster’ you will be quoted for any additional fee or we can send your package via post.

PLEASE NOTE that we are have the following exclusions based on the T&Cs that our couriers provide:

  • Deliveries to and from Townships / Trust Areas, Universities, Hospitals, Chain Stores, Farms, Plots, Mines, Government Buildings, Game Reserves and Power Stations attract an additional surcharge.
  • Deliveries to or from Embassies and Consulates will attract an additional queuing surcharge.

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