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I must commend you on a wonderful product, but I have taken the use for these hangers to the next level. Are you sitting down?

I am using 5 sets (10 in total) to prepare my husband and my clothes for the work-week! FANCY! Keep up with the wonderful goodies!!!

Salome McConnachie

Two days ago I ordered magnetic sheets with the instruction to please deliver as soon as possible as I needed the sheets urgently.

I was expecting good service and a relatively fast turn around time as I have ordered from you before and was very happy with the service received, but I was absolutely gobsmacked when the courier arrived today with my package! I could not believe that you had organized delivery this fast!

Thank you so much for the efficient manner in which you handled my order – I will definitely buy from you again and I am also recommending you to all my friends.

You guys are the best!!

Taborra Bergh

Thank you VERY MUCH for your excellent service and communication. I am delighted to say that the parcel has just arrived safe and sound.

Rod Gush

Thanks Isabelle. I’ll definitely be back! Great site, great products and great service. Thank you.

Colleen Gordon

My goodness, I’ve just received my parcel – I can’t believe how quick that was. Awesome guys!!! Thank you!!!

Brenda Jasper

Thank you so much for your Neat Freak’s Festive Season Pack! I was starting to feel like I had climbed into my tumble drier!!  As I have said before, you are an angel, a real Christmas angel!  Many, many thanks & kind regards.

Simone du Plessis (Durban)

Thanks so much for all these awesome schedules and advice. I have just taken the step in leaving the working world and going out on my own, and I absolutely love your boxes and files etc and can’t wait to sort all that side of my life out.  Your shopping list is the best!!!!  it even has Rinse Aid on it.  I just never remember that particular item when I go shopping!!  Your login name and password template is also the best idea ever!!!

Mandy Conradt

I’m excited to report that the other parcel arrived yesterday. It was great because I was at home yesterday and could start using some of the materials, e.g. drawer organisers, right away. My daughter and I had a great time opening up the parcels and realising how they’d be useful.

Carol (Gauteng)

I just wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU for your emails and the good work that you continue to do in the area of organisation. I attended one of your workshops last year and still implement many of the ideas and structures you taught us. I like the clear and simple way in which you tackle the problem of disorganisation and chaos. I look forward to receiving your newsletters. p.s. Congratulations on your POAA award. I’m glad your talents and efforts have been recognised.

Wendy O'Connor

What a lovely site you have. I am starting up my own personal organising business in Holland. Looking at your website I got some great ideas. You have an information pack personalised by Neat Freak which is great.

Ineke Smits (Holland)
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