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window care

Clearer Than Ever: The Importance of Eco-friendly Window Care

Consumers are becoming more and more environmentally conscious of their purchases, and thankfully, there are several ways to make eco-friendly switches into our everyday lives — with household cleaning being one of the easiest changes. With that said, …

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Top notch ways to save money

End of Month Blues? 12 Top Notch Ways to Save Money

We’ve all been there – too much month at the end of the money! It’s easy to vow that this will not happen next month; that you will save money instead of spending it. Then, …

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avoid online distractions and focus on work

Avoid online distractions and focus on work

When you’re in a traditional office, spending the day in front of a computer, the IT department will often block streaming sites and social media. They are trying to tell you that your focus should …

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6 organising skills your child should learn in pre-school

6 Organising Skills Your Child Should Learn In Pre-school

Pre-school (or Grade R) is crucial because it’s a period of exploration and discovery. Aside from academic skills, your child should learn organising skills as well. This doesn’t have to be boring if you think …

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Innovative Eco-Friendly Gadgets That Clean Your Home For You

Innovative Eco-Friendly Gadgets That Clean Your Home For You

More and more South Africans are making changes to live more eco-friendly lifestyles. Almost half of South Africans have a “reasonable” idea of the positive changes they can make, while over half (54%) are becoming increasingly committed …

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become an expert at organisation

Become an Expert in Organising: 5 Videos to Inspire

We often come across some great videos that make organisation, productivity and time management seem nice and simple. Here are 5 videos we think will make you become an expert in organising.   Video 1: …

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top tips for assembling flat pack furniture

10 Tips for Assembling Flat Pack Furniture

Whilst the rest of the world has been using flat pack furniture in their spaces for many years, South Africans are only now starting to see the light in terms of the affordability and potential …

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overcome clutter - 8 simple steps

How to Overcome Clutter in your Home in 8 Simple Steps

A cluttered environment makes us feel overwhelmed, anxious and fretful. Chaos around us not only leaves us feeling uneasy; we become less productive as our attention again and again turns to the chaos and clutter …

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