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12-Week Challenge

12-week challenge with neat freak dining room

Week 4 : Dining Room

You’re into the fourth week of the challenge and you should be getting into the swing of things now. Hopefully your spaces are looking fab. This week we are tacking the dining room, which we …

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Master bedroom 12-week challenge. Follow on Neat Freak

Week 3 : Master Bedroom

The goal this week is to make your space a calming and relaxing one where you can retreat after a long day. It is now time to declutter and reorganise (as well as clean) your …

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Master cupboard 12-week challenge. Follow on Neat Freak

Week 2: Master Cupboard

The goal this week is to get rid of what you no longer want or need in your Master Cupboard. Let’s face it – lots of you probably have things in your cupboard from the …

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Week 1: Bathrooms

This week, clear the clutter from your bathrooms including cabinets, countertops and drawers. Then work to categories and store your items neatly! Step 1: SORT. Sort through everything in the drawers, cabinets and countertops. Make sure …

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