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12-Week Challenge

Week 12 – Garage and Car

It’s week 12 and the last week of our Challenge. If you made it this far, congratulations! This week is the hardest but most rewarding challenge yet. We are cleaning out the clutter from our …

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Week 11 – Craft / Hobby Room

We are now entering Week 11 of the challenge and you are ALMOST done. This week could be a real challenge for those who craft and often, you enjoy crafting but not necessarily tidying up. …

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Week 10 – Laundry Room

Many of us put off dealing with laundry until we no longer have anything to wear. Right? It’s a pain to have to wash, dry and pack away so your laundry room (or the space …

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Week 9 – Living and TV Room

I love spending time in my living room and of course, most families spend a great deal of time socialising and relaxing in their TV room. These spaces are sometimes shared, but tidying and organising …

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Week 8 – Linen Cupboard

Fortunately for you, this week’s challenge isn’t going to drain your energy. It’s time to deal with the linen cupboard but if you don’t have one then organise another cupboard in your home. This task …

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Week 7 – Office and Paperwork

This week, we are going to sort and clear the piles of paper and clutter from your home office. If you don’t have an office, clear the clutter from the spot where you keep your …

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12 week challenge children's bedroom and toys

Week 6 – Children’s Room & Toys

This week, it’s time to clear the clutter from children’s rooms. I know, I know.. this can be the worst room to organise, and potentially the most demoralising, because it feels as if you’ll never …

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Week 5: Kitchen

This week’s challenge is a big one but a good one! It’s a new month and boy are we ready to tackle our Kitchen. The kitchen is probably the space in the home where you …

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