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Rewards for Kids

The TOWER Scholastic range that focuses on praise, encouragement and rewards is now available from Neat Freak. No matter how old a child is, praise and encouragement will help them feel good about themselves. This …

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identity fraud information

The Risk of Identity Fraud

Identity fraud is a risk to all of us, both as individuals and as businesses, simply because we deal with so many pieces of information on a daily basis. To criminals, a discarded bank statement …

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pet carriers blog teaser

Why a Collapsible Pet Carrier is the Best

Are you constantly traveling with your pet? There are a number of benefits of owning a collapsible canvas pet carrier crate. Need to know if a collapsible soft carrier is right for you? Let’s look …

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Installing Double Slot Shelving

Installing shelving is such an efficient way to maximise space which is why Neat Freak stocks this option. Here are quick instructions to install this shelving in your office, home, storeroom or warehouse. Attaching Shelving …

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Nu Eco Cleaners. The Eco-friendly alternative.

First off, we’re proud to sell this brand! Nu Eco Cleaners was launched as a result of the founders being exposed to operating an eco-tourism business located in an ecologically sensitive environment and consequently wanting …

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Small Space Solutions

Probably the most asked question I get as a Professional Organiser is “how can I maximise my space?” The way I see it is either we have to many things stuffed into a space that …

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