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Eish life hacks

Eish! Why Didn’t I Think of That Life Hacks

Who doesn’t love a great hack, right? We trolled the web and found some we thought you’d love. They are so easy to do and yet these hacks can be so effective. Go on, give …

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10 ways to recycle frames

10 Ways to Recycle Old Frames

Most people have lots of frames in their home to display loved ones and happy memories. In fact most people probably have more than they need. If you discover that you are one of those …

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How to remove candle wax hacks

Remove Candle Wax – Useful Hacks

Dripping candle wax has surely ruined a few romantic evenings but it doesn’t need to. There are so many easy ways to get rid of candle wax from your carpet, glasses, your clothing and more. …

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Create your Own Bird Feeder

I spend a great deal of time in my garden and it is always that much more special when there is a lot of bird life around my bird feeder. The tweets and activity is …

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Tyre Recycle Blog Header

10 of the Best Tyre Recycling Ideas

When you consider that there are approximately 1 billion passenger cars worldwide, it stands to reason that the tyre quantity is 4 times that. Can you imagine that many tyres? Because they aren’t very good …

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photo booth prop

Photo Booth Prop Ideas

Everyone likes a good party and photo booths have added even more fun to celebrations. That’s because having a photo booth, and all the props that go with it, gives guests an opportunity to dress …

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Dry nail polish quickly

Dry Nail Polish Easily

2 Easy Hacks to dry nail polish easily that you can try when next you have your own at-home spa day. Nail polish dries when it comes into contact with cool temperatures so try soaking …

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painting small shelves

Easy Trick for Painting Small Shelves

Since I moved my office out of my home, I have been slowly repainting, tidying up and re-purposing my (now) vacant spaces. My trusty DIY accomplice Leonard was painting small shelves for my craft room …

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