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How to remove candle wax hacks

Remove Candle Wax – Useful Hacks

Dripping candle wax has surely ruined a few romantic evenings but it doesn’t need to. There are so many easy ways to get rid of candle wax from your carpet, glasses, your clothing and more. …

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Create your Own Bird Feeder

I spend a great deal of time in my garden and it is always that much more special when there is a lot of bird life around my bird feeder. The tweets and activity is …

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Tyre Recycle Blog Header

10 of the Best Tyre Recycling Ideas

When you consider that there are approximately 1 billion passenger cars worldwide, it stands to reason that the tyre quantity is 4 times that. Can you imagine that many tyres? Because they aren’t very good …

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photo booth prop

Photo Booth Prop Ideas

Everyone likes a good party and photo booths have added even more fun to celebrations. That’s because having a photo booth, and all the props that go with it, gives guests an opportunity to dress …

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Dry nail polish quickly

Dry Nail Polish Easily

2 Easy Hacks to dry nail polish easily that you can try when next you have your own at-home spa day. Nail polish dries when it comes into contact with cool temperatures so try soaking …

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painting small shelves

Easy Trick for Painting Small Shelves

Since I moved my office out of my home, I have been slowly repainting, tidying up and re-purposing my (now) vacant spaces. My trusty DIY accomplice Leonard was painting small shelves for my craft room …

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coffee jar upcycle

Coffee Jar Upcycle

Take a look at a really easy Coffee Jar upcycle that I made recently. Have fun trying it out. What you’ll need: x1 coffee jar well washed with no sticky residue x1 stickers to apply …

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How to Make Cushions (easily)

  I have never been 100% keen on sewing – only because I was told by a teacher as child that I was way too untidy! Imagine that! But truth be told, it isn’t about …

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