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6 Changes to your Morning Routine that will Improve your Day

I have come to realise over the years, that a small change in my morning routine can change the entire course of my day. For example, starting my day earlier ensures that I get quiet …

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8 Reasons why we should recycle - neat freak blog

8 Reasons Why We Should Recycle

Akin to any other ecosystem, the environment isn’t immune to toxic wastes and pollutants. For years, many eco-warriors and eco-driven companies have pushed for people to recycle and it seems as if people are finally …

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Regifting guidelines

5 Rules for Regifting

I don’t think there is anyone out there that hasn’t received an unwanted gift. You know the kind that you look at and wonder what on earth the person was thinking? Whilst it may make …

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Get a Life! Declutter & Organise

I read an article recently that outlined how clutter can add substantially to your day-to-day stress levels. I’ve always known that but I certainly didn’t know that an survey had found that one-third of …

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This is my 2016 Mantra

January 2016 Hello budding Neat Freaks. Compliments of the new year to you all. I really hope you managed to have a fantastic festive season with your friends and family. The Neat Freak team decided …

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Opportunity Meets Hard Work

Hello budding Neat Freaks. What started out as a ‘this-seems-like-a-good-idea’ business in late 2008 has now become my dream come true. I sit here in my office and look down into the warehouse wondering; “How …

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My new BFF is simply ‘wunderful’ – how lists help me

I’ve been reading an awesome book by Jodi Picoult and a lot of it focuses on the mind and memory and it’s got me thinking. Why do I have such a good memory for things …

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Your Lack of Organisation Affects Others

When you think about disorganization and clutter, you probably think of inhabitable spaces and people who are frustrated and over-whelmed. You would be right to have this vision in mind but an area that isn’t …

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