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Week 9 – Living and TV Room

I love spending time in my living room and of course, most families spend a great deal of time socialising and relaxing in their TV room. These spaces are sometimes shared, but tidying and organising these spaces is going to be a challenge so let’s get started.


Step 1: SORT

  • Empty all of the shelves, dividing everything into piles (keep, donate, recycle, other room.)
  • Empty any drawers or cupboards in the space. If you house your board games, puzzles and DVD’s here, you’ll need to sort through all of these well. Spend some time deciphering if all the pieces are actually in the box and if not, perhaps it’s time to toss these out but remember these are cardboard, so they can be recycled.
  • Open your DVD boxes and make sure you have the disk. If you aren’t going to watch the DVDs or listen to CDs you may have, now is the time to donate them. Charity shops will love these and perhaps your local Old-Aged Home would too.
  • If you’ve got a Bar or keep glasses in your living room, go through these making sure that none of them are broken.


Step 2: CLEAN

  • Start by wiping down all shelves and cupboards. Most people don’t move the large furniture in these spaces very often because they are heavy and let’s face it, who wants to have to clean all the dust that accumulates behind them. BUT, now is the time to get this done. If necessary, get in extra help to do this.
  • Wipe down your table surfaces and clean any light fixtures. If you have lots of wood in these areas, treat them with oils or polish.
  • Clean windows and vacuum/mop the floor well! If this is a well used space, it needs a good clean!
  • If you think the couches need a professional clean, organise for that to happen this week.
  • Then clean cushions and blankets in you may have in these spaces before placing them all back.



Now it’s time to organise your keep pile. Dedicate drawers or shelves to similar items and label, label, label!

  • Keep your board games together. If the box is breaking, try purchasing a good quality new cardboard box or recycle an old container. Label these well.
  • If you have a Bar, store like drinks with like. Organise bar accessories into small containers and store your oldest liquor at the front of the cupboard.
  • Organise your remote controls making sure they all work and have batteries.
  • Store your books so you are able to see what you have.
  • Find a place for blankets.
  • If you have candles or diffusers, organise these now.
  • Label your Cables!!! Use this time to label your wires and extra cables! Our Neat Cable Labels are so easy to use and are great for that messy pile of cords at the back of the TV cabinet!!



To Remember:

  1. A well loved space needs regular cleaning and sorting.
  2. Remember to clean your couches and pillows regularly, especially if you have pets.
  3. If you find that you are not using your items like board games, try using them as decor or storing them in the line of sight.
  4. Finally, if you have things that you don’t need, donate them. Pillows, Games, Old Dvd’s… Hospices are always needing things so don’t throw away what can be donated.

And there you have it, you’re done! WELL DONE NEAT FREAKS! See you next week where we’ll tackle WEEK 10!


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