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Week 8 – Linen Cupboard

Fortunately for you, this week’s challenge isn’t going to drain your energy. It’s time to deal with the linen cupboard but if you don’t have one then organise another cupboard in your home. This task is best done all at once to enable you eliminate as much excess and clutter as you can, in the quickest time possible.

Step 1: SORT

  • Empty all of the shelves, dividing everything into piles (keep, donate, recycle, other room).
  • Remember there are many ways to recycle old bedding, such as making use of these at drop sheets when painting or covering old cushions for pet beds.
  • Get creative and only throw away really damaged bedding. Check the condition as you may well have a lot that can be donated to a charity that requires these.


Step 2: CLEAN

  • Start by washing any linen that smells or is dusty. I have often found linen with dark yellow marks, especially white linen. The best way to clean these is with a bit of Jik and very hot water. It doesn’t always work, but it is worth a try.
  • Wipe down your shelves and add dehumidifiers, cedar or moth balls where needed. You can even add scented drawer liners now!



Now it’s time to organise your keep pile. Use Clear Bedding Bags or Vacuum bags to make sure your linen stays clean and fresh. Make sure to label your bags. Either you can pack sets together in a pillow case and place them in the room that uses that bedding, or you can pack away according to categories. Here are some examples of categories you can use in your cupboard. Keep similar items together.

  • Single, Double, Queen, King Sheets.
  • Winter Bedding.
  • Blankets and Duvets.
  • Quilts.
  • Extra Pillows/Pillowcases.
  • Towels.
  • Sentimental Linen/ Themed Linen such as Christmas Duvet covers or Pillows.
  • Why not use our linen or sheet sorters to easily label your linen and bedding. They just iron on and are great for those almost identical sheets!


To Remember:

  1. Be ruthless. If you have sheets that have holes in them, get rid of them.
  2. Remember you can re-use linen for lot’s of things so don’t throw away what can be recycled.
  3. Also remember to clean your cupboard regularly to make sure there is no moisture building up and that there aren’t any moths making their home in your favorite sheets!

And there you have it, you’re done!

WELL DONE NEAT FREAKS! See you next week where we’ll tackle WEEK 9!


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