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Week 5: Kitchen

This week’s challenge is a big one but a good one! It’s a new month and boy are we ready to tackle our Kitchen. The kitchen is probably the space in the home where you spend most of your time and it quickly goes from calm to chaos. This is generally where you find those drawers full of ‘unidentified items’ – batteries, hair brushes, toothpicks, serviettes from takeaway outlets. You know what I mean. This week you have to face this head on. Let’s go!

TO NOTE: We will focus on your pantry or food cupboard later on in this challenge so you can focus this week on your fridge and kitchen cupboards.


Step 1: Sort & Clean Cupboards

Sort through everything in your kitchen.

  • Clear your counter tops or dining room table so you have a place to put everything you need to sort through.
  • Clear out drawers and place the contents on your countertops or table into categories. Add new liners now if needed.
  • Clear out all cupboards and shelves and place these items into categories. When you keep like-with-like you will quickly notice how many of the same items you have. For example, who really needs 6 can openers or 10 salad bowls?
  • Now you can focus on everything you’ve got on your table. Sort through it all and flesh out all those duplicate items.
  • Place broken items or things you no longer use into baskets for donating or throwing away. So many charity shops could use old kitchen items so make sure to donate.
  • When you have your pile of things to keep, place these back in an organised manner back into their drawer or cupboard. Be sure to clean these first though. Spices in a cupboard or drawer are sure to have left their mark so clean thoroughly before putting items back in those.
  • Use drawer organisers or hanging shelves to make full use of your space.



Step 2: Sort & Clean Fridge

Once your cupboards are all sorted, it’s time to move on to your fridge.

  • Start by taking everything out of it. Before putting the item down on the counter, check if it has expired or has gone off. I am guilty of having a sauce in my fridge for over two years – yuk! Throw food waste into a compost bin and make sure to rinse any containers that you can recycle.
  • If you have thrown food away that is in plastic tubs/glass bottles, rinse them and and place aside for recycling.
  • Once your fridge is empty, wipe it down and clean it well!! Scrub down the shelves and disinfect everything using a natural cleaning agent or make your own (see our recent blog post for recipes).
  • When you’ve finished cleaning, place your items back into your fridge, organising and designating spaces as you go.
  • Use plastic trays and containers to divide items and to make sure you can easily see what food you have.
  • Finish off by removing things from the outside of your fridge door. A cluttered fridge door can look very untidy so get rid of old paperwork, notices and the like. Keep any magnets that still work and if you have important papers, try keeping them on the side of the fridge going forward.




Step 3: Clean Appliances

  • Firstly, make sure all of your gadgets and appliances work.
  • Take them apart and clean them thoroughly.
  • Arrange a servicing of those appliances that may need one.
  • Going forward, if there are any that you use daily, keep them on your counter top or at the front of your cupboard.
  • To stop them from getting dusty, consider making a cover for them.


Step 4: Clean Counter Tops & Floor

  • Start by cleaning your counter tops with a good natural cleaner. Scrub down any marks and clean your backsplash. Use Counter top organisers to organise and store things that can otherwise appear messy.
  • Clean your stove top and sinks too.
  • End off by mopping your floors or polishing them is the are wood.


In Conclusion:

  • Everything should be in the correct place and any items you no longer use should be in a bag to be donated or thrown away.
  • Again, keep items you use often in easy to reach places.
  • Your kitchen should now have everything it needs and all your appliances and items should be in good condition.
  • Your fridge should be fresh and organised to perfection.


WELL DONE NEAT FREAKS! See you next week where we’ll tackle WEEK 6!

p.s. Follow the challenge and let us know how you’re doing on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/NEATFREAKSA/ 


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