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Week 4 : Dining Room

12-week challenge with neat freak dining room

You’re into the fourth week of the challenge and you should be getting into the swing of things now. Hopefully your spaces are looking fab. This week we are tacking the dining room, which we think is a fairly easy space to organise because there shouldn’t be that much to sort through – unless you dump everything in that space! In fact a lot of people do cram all sorts into sideboards, especially when they use this space for other purposes (such as the large table for sewing and office work). But now is the time to restore your space to its original intention.


Step 1: Sort

  • Sort through all dishes, crockery and decor in the area.
  • Take everything out of its storage space and decide on what to do with each item.
  • If the item belongs in another room (like all those crafting and office supplies), place these into a basket so that you can relocate them to their original space later.
  • If the items are going to stay in your dining room, place these into a basket so that after you’ve cleaned, you can organise and place them back.
  • When you have gone through all glassware, serviettes, placemats, vases, dishes and everything you have in the dining room, you can move on to step two. This may yield a great deal of possible donations. The last time I did my dining room, I discovered items from my wedding that I still was not using 20+ years later.
  • Remember to place the items you don’t use anymore into a basket or black bag for donating. We often throw away so many things that charity shops can sell or that people need. So this is an important step.


Step 2: Clean

Gather all the cleaning supplies you’ll need for the process before you even begin! You may not want to, but now is the ideal time for a thorough spring clean.

  • Start with wiping and dusting your sideboard or any other cupboards you may have in the dining room.
  • Make sure your placemats and serviettes are all clean. If they are stained or dirty, go ahead and wash these now so they have some time to dry before you organise.
  • Don’t forget to clean your windows and curtains if you have these.
  • Once you’ve cleaned the furniture in your room, you can clean all the items you’re going to keep.
  • Polish any silver you may have.
  • Wipe down bowls, dishes, cutlery or glasses.
  • Finally, clean your dining room table, and if it is wood, nourish it with a good polish.
  • Make sure to check if anything is broken. If you find something damaged or broken, there is no use keeping it. See if you can re-purpose it in some way or see if you can donate the item.
  • Finally, mop or clean your floors.


Step 3: Organise

Now is the fun part! Everything should be clean and you should know what items are necessary and will be going back into each space.

  • Take your basket of things to go into other rooms and empty this now. Make sure to put things back into the correct room. You want to really get rid of the clutter so this is an important step.
  • Designate a piece of furniture, shelf or drawer to each category. eg: Top drawer of cabinet for all serviettes and placemats and so on.
  • Use drawer dividers to organise small things like serviette rings or decor pieces.
  • Place like items with like items. eg: table cloths with serviettes.
  • If you do need to keep paperwork in your dining room because you’re short on space, then organise that too. A very useful tool is this portable filing case or look for other options to suit your needs.
  • TIP: If you notice your linens (table cloths or serviettes) are smelling or getting damaged, use a bedding bag to store these as it will keep them from getting damaged or dusty.

Once everything is neatly packed away, make sure you’re happy with where you’ve placed everything.

Finally, add your decor back to the table or counter tops and enjoy your new organised and clean space!


In Conclusion:

  • Everything should be in the correct place and any items you no longer use should be in a bag to be donated.
  • Again, keep items you use often in easy to reach places.
  • Your Dining Room should now have everything it needs and all your glassware and dishes should be in good shape.
  • Now go enjoy your new space and show it off at your next braai!


WELL DONE NEAT FREAKS! See you next week where we’ll tackle WEEK 5!


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