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Subz is Empowering Girls

Subz Reuseable panties and pads

There are 7 000 000 girls in South Africa however 4 000 000 fall into the LSM bracket and struggle each month with access to sanitary wear. This is the school going age of menstruating girls. Their education is hindered by 25%, as these girls do not go to school whilst they are menstruating as they have no access to sanitary wear. That is one week every month, which is a massive set back in their school careers.


Imagine a life where you miss school because you are menstruating and don’t have access to sanitary towels? I know I can’t imagine it. In fact, until recently so many of us didn’t even realise the extent of this problem for young girls in our country. So I was thrilled to be introduced to SUBZ and Project Dignity, a non-profit organisation focusing on keeping young girls in school by offering them access to sustainable sanitary wear. They are making it their mission to empower girls to take control of their future and restoring their dignity and for that reason, we consider them Friends of Neat Freak.

As the sanitation in the schools is mostly dismal, if not of a very low standard, it makes it extremely difficult for girls to discard used sanitary pads (if they have them). In addition, the majority of the workers that migrate into the city to work as domestics or at markets or anywhere they choose, all have the same problem of the cost and disposal of sanitary pads.

The solution

Sue Barnes of KwaZulu-Natal created Subz, the original fully washable resuseable pads with panties, in response to a request for the donation of washable sanitary pads and panties for the under privileged girls in her area. This resulted in registering a non-profit organisation called “Project Dignity”. The Subz Pads are manufactured by Subz PTY and are distributed through Project Dignity. This resulted in registering a non-profit organisation called “Project Dignity”.

The panty is made of 100% cotton knit, (130 – 140g) which allows the skin to breath. This is also an eco-friendly/green solution. The elastic has a standard non-woven rubber base, and won’t stretch out of shape. The pad has 6 layers, the outer being the 100% cotton knit, water proofing, 3 layers of hydrophilic fabric and then the inner is a hydrophobic fabric. The Subz panties and pads also contain no chemicals or gels, making it allergy and toxin free.

How you can help Subz and Project Dignity

By pledging R280 (excluding postage/courier fees), this will supply one school girl 3 pairs of panties AND 9 clip on washable sanitary pads, which will last for 5 years. This is the average amount of money a household, with 3 menstruating girls, spends in one month on feminine hygiene. This can give these girls their deserved high school education.

Make a once off donation or sign a monthly debit order: Project Dignity, FNB Acc 6249 4489 646, Branch 223526

Make a donation via Zapper or Snapscan (see codes below).

Get your friends/family/co-workers to sign debit orders or make donations. Donations can be made in person at the following link on the Project Dignity website.

Raise funds: Take part in an event and challenge your friends to sponsor you, or organise your own fund raising event e.g. sell cakes and donate the profit to support a girl, have a fund raising event like the high-tea scheduled for 5th September in aid of Project Dignity. You can now register your fund raising effort/ event on and challenge people to sponsor you. People pay directly on the site and the money gets paid directly to Project Dignity. Visit to register – add your information and event and select PROJECT DIGNITY TRUST as the charity.

Should you wish to get involved in the work that Subz and Project Dignity are doing, please reach out to Brenda McCann, their Project Coordinator.



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