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Highway Hospice

Almost 10 years ago, I lost my father to pancreatic cancer. The time from diagnosis to his death was just over 3 weeks. It was devastating for our family but definitely made more tolerable because of my father’s outlook on life to the end, as well as the care he was given. Since then, I have aligned myself (and hence Neat Freak) with Highway Hospice as I believe the work they do is essential to any patient nearing the end of their life.

Providing care for people

At Highway Hospice, the focus is on providing care for people with advanced, incurable terminal illness in the final stages of life. They promote palliative care which is treatment focused on the patient as opposed to the disease. The goal is to “make people feel better”, not only physically by providing comfort but also emotionally, socially, practically, intellectually and spiritually. This starts at diagnosis and continues during treatment, and moves through to end of life as needed.

The care provided by Highway Hospice is a specialized area of medicine as a lot of the focus is on comfort, pain management and symptom control where most medicine is focused on fighting disease for cure. Both palliative care and hospice care provide comfort. However palliative care can begin at diagnosis whereas hospice care begins when it is clear that the person is not going to survive the illness.

The reality of their service

Although Highway Hospice’s mission is to provide care for as many people as possible, they rely heavily on donations in order to do so. Income is generated by palliative care training as well as their charity shops and various other fundraising avenues but it merely eases their strained finances. To this end, Highway Hospice has an admissions policy which controls the patients admitted to their program. This ensures that they can provide for the community in a fair and sustainable manner; and that those that need help the most are cared for.

How you can help

Bequests: Charitable bequests have been included in Wills for centuries. They are a way of keeping your ideals, your compassion and your vision alive for years and even generations to come. Bequests received by Highway Hospice can go a long way to funding the care they offer.

Corporate Partnerships: The Highway Hospice is a Public Benefit Organisation and is therefore able to issue corporates with an 18A certificate for donations received. Read more about how this will help your business with tax deductions.

Charity Shop: There are currently 3 charity shops in the greater-Durban area. All profits made by the shops go to Highway Hospice. So if you are de-cluttering and have items you no longer need, the organisation is always grateful for good quality donations of clothing, kitchenware, linen, bric-a-brac, crockery, books, records and furniture.

Make a Donation: Without donations, the Highway Hospice would struggle in their mission to help the terminally ill. Consider making a donation to Highway Hospice. No amount is too small.

Volunteering: As with most charitable organisations, there is very little money available to employ full-time staff yet there is a great deal to do. Highway Hospice is no different and volunteers are always needed.

If you still aren’t sure exactly how to help, view their Facebook page to stay up to date with local events and their fundraising efforts.

Neat Freak’s involvement

Every year for the past 7 years, Neat Freak has been collecting pre-loved clothing and homeware for Highway Hospice. Over that time we have grown to admire the team working tirelessly to provide care to the terminally ill. We urge you to support the charity shops by purchasing from them and donating items to them regularly. We know they would be so grateful.



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