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Create a Command-Central in your Home

command central

What is a command-central? Many refer to this idea as a launch pad – a common space to store small, important items you use everyday. These items can include your keys, cell phones, mail, handbag and school bags (to name a few). You want to take the guesswork out of looking for things you use all the time and who wouldn’t want to do that (unless you like it when everyone is screaming at each other because they’ve misplaced something again)?

Step 1:

As with most organising, the first step is to declutter the area you’d like to use as well as sort through the items that you’d ideally like stored there (in this case, items you use every day). Purge, recycle and toss all the bits that have accumulated over time.

Step 2:

Now that you know exactly what you need in your command-central, you need to group things together by person. Although some families find it easier to group their children together or have one tray for the family, I tend to think that each family member should have their own command-central to avoid confusion and encourage responsibility.

When setting up our command-central at home, I hung up 3 clipboards and labeled them.

Step 3:

What you use as storage needs to function properly. The options include a box, wall-mounted pockets, cubes, trays and wall organisers. Remember to choose something that is practical and will help you create the order you’re searching for.

Step 4:

This is often where the wheels fall off the MAINTENANCE of command-central! This is an area you will be using every day so keep it clutter free by taking the time to constantly throw things away that aren’t required. Do a little each day and you’ll reap the rewards of less chaos in the home.

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