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10 Ways to Organise and Save Space in a Tiny Home

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Living in a tiny home can be both challenging and liberating. To organise your stuff, you have to learn to throw away the clutter often. It doesn’t matter if it is a small apartment or a tiny house. Your happiness largely depends on to what extent you can remain organised. Here are 10 ways to organise and save space in a tiny home.

Declutter Often

When you find yourself running out of space in a tiny home, it is not the size of the house that’s to blame. It could just be that you have too much stuff. Sort out your things often and throw away what you don’t need. Whether it is old notebooks or utensils, be radical about the whole decluttering process.

Divide Rooms into Different Zones

In a tiny home, the space is so small that a single room often serves different purposes. To make the most of the space, divide the room into different zones. For instance, you could divide the living room into a dining area and TV space. To organise that space, ensure storage is labeled and easy to access.

Use Open Shelving

In a tiny home, open shelves often come in handy when it comes to organising space. In the kitchen, it makes a lot of sense to keep your utensils on open, airy shelves. If you have stairs, don’t forget to install some open shelves under them to maximise storage.

Maximise Closet Space

Apart from open shelving, it is important to install closets in the bedroom, pantry or craft room. If you cannot install a completely new system, you should find ways to make maximum use of your current space. Organise your shoes with shoe racks, boxes or even hanging organisers.

Get Creative with Space

Don’t be too rigid when it comes to the function that a given room in your home is supposed to serve. When you have a tiny space, a spare room may have to be forfeited for a more practical use instead, such as an office, laundry or even a storage space (that is properly organised and not a dumping space).

Remove Items from the Floor

Avoid using the floor for storage purposes even if the items are in boxes. If you keep items such as toys on the floor, it soon turns into dumping ground for other items. This makes the space feel even smaller.

Make Use of Vertical Space

In a small home, the only way to go when it comes to storage is up. A good example is using vertical shelving or bunk beds. In the office and garage, hold your craft supplies and tools using a grid or pegboard. Again shelves in any space provides easy storage and adds function to otherwise empty walls.

Be Deliberately Choosy On Things You Buy

When you live in a tiny home, you have to be choosy about the things you buy. Be aware that they need to be functional, not just pretty. Having less in a small space will make it easier to organise.

Hang Stuff

Most of the time, you have to hang some of the items in your home to save space. Things you can hang include LED lanterns, hats, fruits, pots, pans, and so on. This saves space on the shelves and enables you to better store other items.

Buy Multipurpose Furniture

One way to efficiently use space in a tiny home is to buy multi-purpose furniture. For instance, the use of ottomans or chairs that open up to provide storage in kids’ rooms in particular, would definitely be something to consider. In addition, try to find a kitchen table that can extend when necessary and also serves as a working space.

Clearly, staying organised in a tiny home can be very challenging. However, follow these tips and and it should be easy to do and maintain. 


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